Competition Details

The event details page lists all of the details for the specific event.

Competition Details Object

You can access the competition details object using the format: {{competition.variable}}

titleCustom title of the event
subtitleCustom subtitle of the event
addressAddress of the event
image1Image 1 provided for the event (see Image Object)
image2Image 2 provided for the event (see Image Object)
image3Image 3 provided for the event (see Image Object)
image4Image 4 provided for the event (see Image Object)
image5Image 5 provided for the event (see Image Object)
sectionsList of custom sections (see Section Object)
idID of the event
nameName of the event
locationLocation of the event
eventStartStart date of the event
eventEndEnd Date of the event
multipleCompetitionsBoolean indicating if there are multiple competitions (true means multiple competitions, false means a single competition)
competitionsList of Competitions (see Competition Object)

Image Object

urlURL of the image
nameName of the image
typeMIME type of the image

Section Object

Sections are specified by the administrators of the organization. The contents may or may not be filled in or provided.

nameName of the Section
documentsList of Documents (see Document Object)
contentContent provided for the section

Document Object

urlURL for the document
nameName of the document
typeType of document

Competition Object

idID of the competition
nameName of the competition
competitionDateDate of the competition
recapUrlURL of the recap
divisionsList of Divisions (see Division Object)

Division Object

idID of the Division
nameName of the Division
initialsInitials of the division
publishedBoolean indicating if the scores have been published (true means scores have been released, false means scores have not been released
roundsList of Rounds (see Round Object)

Round Object

idID of the Round
nameName of the Round
performancesList of Performances (see Performance Object)

Performance Object

idID of the Performance
groupNameName of the Group
finalScoreFinal Score of the Performance
rankRank of the Performance
performanceTimeTime of the Performance
noScoreReasonReason provided if they were marked as "no score available"